Picture Perfect Foundation


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Create an absolutely flawless complexion with our Picture Perfect Foundation. This highly pigmented foundation is specifically formulated to wear any time you find yourself in the limelight. It is perfect for Stage, Photography, Video, film or for everyday perfection. It does not contain light reflecting ingredients that would wash out your complexion in film or on stage.

For full coverage when your image must be nothing less than perfect use your PERFECT FACE FOUNDATION BRUSH for application. Gentle and Sheer enough for everyday use as well, for a beautiful sheer look apply with a damp PERFECT BLENDER SPONGE. Set with our PICTURE PERFECT LOOSE POWDER. Remember, A tiny bit goes a very long way. When used properly everyday, a full size container should last our clients 3-9 months depending on coverage needed. Our 1 gram travel size should last 7-10 applications.

Please click on the video below for more information and a tutorial featuring our Picture Perfect Foundation.